Current Loan Rates
Effective Date: 01/01/2019
Subaccount Description Daily Periodic Rate APR*
Title Loans** 0.006849% to 0.047945% 2.50% to 17.50%
Other Collateral** 0.011096% to 0.049041% 4.05% to 17.90%
Share Secured 0.010959% 4.00%
Personal Loans** 0.021918% to 0.049041% 8.00% to 17.90%
Visa Classic Credit Card 0.021644% to 0.043562% 7.90% to 15.90%
Visa Secured Credit Card 0.018904% 6.90%
Review Period
Platinum, A, & B 24 months
C & D 24 months
E 24 months


 * APR is the Annual Percentage Rate.

** RISK BASED: If a range of rates is shown, the Annual Percentage Rate you receive will be within the range disclosed above and is based on certain credit-worthiness criteria. For the Personal Loan Subaccount, we will evaluate your credit-worthiness as disclosed above, the Annual Percentage Rate on existing balances and new advances is subject to change on the review data based on the rate you qualify for at the time of evaluation. Ask the credit union for the rate you qualify for.

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